Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of Physical Games for Kids

Now days, children always want to play indoor games such as using smart phones, laptops, television and video games. They do not want to work physically due to this their physical growth stops. It can make their mental week. Being indoor kids can suffer from many diseases like obesity, diabetes and other mental problems. Parents can make them strong and healthy by getting them outside and by making opportunities of physical games for their kids.

Advantages of playing physical games for kids

Parents will feel good when their kids will get benefits of physical games. Here we have some points of benefits of physical games for their kids.

Make your kids mentally strong:

When kids go outside with their parents and they feel good to see green parts of earth. They think more and more about new things they are watching outside their home it make their mental strong.  When a child thinks about new things outside his thinking capability increases and he can be more creative.

Make them socially active:

Going outside can cause more connection with other people in this world it can improve their social skills.

Improves their sharing activity:

When kids play with other children they understand what is sharing. They learn do not hurt other kids and it make them practical. When a child is always in home and is alone he cannot know how to share his things with others. But when he plays with other children he learn how to give things to other people.

Make your child physically strong:

When your kids play physical games such as running, jumping, Tanis, cricket, hide and seek and many other games it make his muscles physically strong. When your kids run it make their joints very strong and make their lungs clean and fresh due to fast breathing. Hide and seek make them intelligent and creative.

Disadvantages of physical games for kids

Excess of everything is bad and too much physical games have disadvantages too.

  • When parents let their kids outside unattended they can hurt other kids or hurt by others.
  • Extra physical games make your child tired and he cannot focus on his studies and cannot sleep properly.
  • Too much physical games and not focusing on their studies properly make their school result bad.
  • For a long time outdoor without their parents can make them to get bad habits.

How parents can encourage their child to play physically

Most of children do not want to play physical games and do not want to go outside for playing. At this stage parents can encourage their children to play out their houses physically. Here are some points how to encourage them.

  • By playing with their kids
  • Take your kids for outing
  • Taking them in parks or some markets
  • Giving them confidence they can play and can do everything
  • Not make their games too much educational
  • Telling them about disadvantages of playing video games
  • Telling them about advantages of physical games
  • Telling them how much nature is beautiful

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