Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Cute Baby Aarhaan 3 months
Cute Babies

Cute Baby Aarhaan 3 months

Cute Baby Aarhaan 3 months

Arhaan it is so hard to believe that you are already 3 months old. Baba already wishes that he could press “pause” on your life. You have brought a tremendous amount of love and joy into our lives and we cannot imagine life without you! We thank God each and every day for such a healthy, happy and beautiful baby boy! Sometimes when I look down at your sweet face I still cannot believe that you are actually MINE! You are just perfect! Your Mama looked over at me as she was holding you on the bed one night last week and said, “He is just perfect isn’t he?” She was beaming with pride as she said it and little man let me tell you – you have a WONDERFUL Mama. I wasn’t quite sure how she would do with you, but she is truly a terrific mother and she loves you beyond words. It is wonderful to watch her love for you! and wish you all the best in life Ameen.

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